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To the best of our ability, we are bringing you the most accurate and up-to-date information from your State EMS office. However, things do change from time to time and it is solely your responsibility to ensure whether or not our recommendation best suits your specific continuing education needs. Our courses are CAPCE accredited Distance Education courses and Virtual Instructor Led Training, which are accepted by the National Registry.
When you complete an entire course, or entire package, the certificate will be generated after successful completion of the entire program that you signed up for. The Certificate will include:
  • Your name
  • Your NREMT number AND/OR your State EMS number
  • Number of Hours awarded
  • EMS Topic
  • CAPCE course number
  • CAPCE provider number
  • Course completion date
  • Program Coordinator's Signatures

CE Requirements:

  • It is important to note that the State of California does not certify, renew, or reinstate EMT certifications. This is done through the Local EMS Agency. If you would like to know which Local EMS Agency you belong to, click HERE.
  • Submit proof of your approved CE hours and/or Refresher Course certificate. 
  • The State of California requires a skills verification form to be completed as well. Follow the instructions on each form. Visit this link to find your form. 
  • The State of California also requires Naloxone, Epinephrine, Glucometer training as of 7/1/2019. EMT-CE offers 1 hour of this under our 'state specific' F3 courses.
  • Make sure you look over your specific EMS agency's requirements for continuing education hours. 
  • "At least fifty percent of the required CE hours must be in a format that is instructor based, which means that instructor resources are readily available to the student to answer questions, provide feedback, provide clarification, and address concerns (e.g., on-line CE courses where an instructor is available to the student)."  This is found on page 5 here: 
  • Paramedics are required to have 48 hours of CE credit every two years
  • AEMTs are required to have 36 hours of CE credit every two years
  • EMTs are required to have 24 hours of CE credit every two years

Here is a document explaining the continuing education requirements in CA EMS CA Continuing Education PDF 

Additional Information:

Contact Info:
 (916) 322-4336    Go to Website

EMS Provider Levels:
EMT, AEMT, Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic

Rules on CE hours:
  • California minimum CE credit requirements are accepted in half-hour increments starting at 1 CE hour (ex: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0). Any CE credits in-between will be rounded down.
  • Any credits below 1 hour will not be counted.

Course List Recommendation:
The State of California does not have a recommended course list for its EMS professionals as of October 2021.

NCCP Model:
California does not follow the NCCP model set forth by the NREMT.

3rd Party Records Collection:
California does not utilize a 3rd party records collection service or software to track continuing education hours. 

Rules On Accepted CE Course Length:
No CE courses under 1.0 Hr in length will be accepted. Courses may be longer than 1.0 Hr but they will only be accepted in half-hour increments. For more information on rules on length you can go here100390.4

My Certification Lapsed, HELP!
Follow this link and select, "How to reinstate a lapsed certification" for more help. 

Accepted State Approved CE Providers List:
The State of California accepts CAPCE approved CE providers. has CAPCE accredited F3 (self-paced) and F5 (Virtual Instructor-Led Training "VILT") courses.
All information is current as of January 2022.