CAPCE (Formerly CECBEMS) – Who Are They? What Do They Do?

CAPCE was chartered in 1992 by the member organizations listed below for the purpose of developing consistent criteria for the review and accreditation of EMS CE activities nationwide. Since 2005, CAPCE has maintained a database of accredited courses completed by individual EMS professionals. In 2009, CAPCE began scheduling face-to-face site visits with accredited organizations. In 2012, CAPCE initiated systematic compliance audits of course content offered online.

CAPCE serves as the recognized leader for continuing education in EMS, promoting its evolution and growth through development of continuing education standards, encouragement of innovative learning solutions, the support of continuous learning opportunities and the assurance of optimal learning experiences to prepare all EMS providers for their professional challenges.

CAPCE and NREMT are separate organizations. CAPCE accredits CE for EMS professionals internationally; NREMT administers the certification examinations for EMS professionals at the various scope of practice levels.