What Does It Mean to Be Accredited by CAPCE?

After an organization has demonstrated that it meets CAPCE criteria for organizational accreditation, it is free to plan, implement and evaluate its own educational programs and to co-sponsor the CE activities of non-accredited organizations.

From a professional perspective, CAPCE accreditation shows that an organization has voluntarily submitted to an objective assessment of its ability to meet established standards for educational planning, implementation and evaluation and that it has met or exceeded those criteria. The organization that has gone through the CAPCE accreditation process has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in EMS CE. This organization also provides leadership in the EMS arena by putting EMS CE on an equal footing with that of physicians and nurses.

Here is a brief summary of the requirements for organizational accreditation:

  1. Provide a written statement approved by its governing body that supports its EMS continuing education mission.
  2. Demonstrate an ongoing needs assessment for specific EMS educational activities.
  3. Submit a letter of recommendation or approval of its state EMS office.
  4. Document resources consistent with its educational mission relative to EMS continuing education.
  5. Submit a current agreement with physician medical director(s) to provide direction to the EMS and the CAPCE program committee.
  6. Maintain a program committee that reviews and approves all activities offered by the accredited organization and by cosponsoring organizations.
  7. Comply with CAPCE policies.

Why is CAPCE accreditation important to me?

  • It is accepted by NREMT and 96% of states.*
  • It contains challenging content based on a review of the current literature.
  • Accredited CE providers must maintain accurate and complete records of course completions and verify attendance.
  • CE providers must report course completions the CAPCE database for verification by NREMT, state EMS offices, training officers, and individual EMS professionals.

*Some states do not automatically accept externally-accredited activities. Check with your state EMS agency to verify that CAPCE accreditation will be accepted, that you have met all requirements for content, and that you do not exceed the maximum number of hours allowed for hours earned by distributed learning.