The NREMT accepts any hours that are CAPCE accredited or state accredited. If a program is CAPCE accredited you might see their materials labeled F1-F5. A brief explanation of these can be found here:

The two types of continuing education you will find online are F3 and F5. F3 means Online Distributive Continuing Education, also known as, Self-Paced. This can be in many formats, we use video format to present these courses at However, it can also be written or audio. provides podcast style CE hours through our partner, Check out their website for more information, or click this link: These courses are all pre-recorded if they are video/audio, and to receive credit for the course completion, you must complete a short quiz and receive 70% or higher. F5 means Virtual Instructor-Led Training, also known as, VILT. This is a webinar style course, the materials are being presented by an instructor online, to other attendees in the course. You have the ability to chat and ask questions throughout the course. To receive credit for this course type you must be in attendance the entire time and answer the poll questions posted by the instructor.

After each continuing education course has ended. You will receive a certificate of completion. These certificates should be kept in your records, auditing can happen at random and you will need to provide documentation from up to the previous 5 years.