Welcome to our NCCP Explained article and video. At EMT-CE.com we get a lot of questions surrounding the ways in which the NCCP works and how it pertains to each individual. Our goal with this article and the above video is to help answer the most common questions we receive. It is vital that you do your own research and see what your state requires of you. If there is one takeaway from all this, it’s that the ball is in your court to ensure your certificate/license is kept current. Students have and will get audited each year. If your name is chosen, you'll want to ensure you have digital copies of all of your recert hours. We highly recommend keeping a digital copy and tracking them online in your EMT-CE.com membership. 

The NCCP stands for National Continued Competency Program. It serves three purposes for the NREMT:

  1. Ensures EMS professionals pursue lifelong learning
  2. Allows state and local agencies the freedom to assign focus areas for the EMS professionals in their state and jurisdictions
  3. Allows for individual preferences when choosing the type of content the student wants to dive further into

When you think of the NCCP, I want you to picture 3 buckets like the ones shown. When you fill up those buckets or meet the requirements of these 3 areas, you are officially recertified.

The number of continuing education hours you have to complete is determined by your NREMT Level. For the purposes of this video explanation, we’re going to focus on the EMT level. As you can see here, the EMT level requires a total of 40 hours to recertify. Those 40 hours are distributed into our 3 buckets – 20 hours for the National Component, 10 Hours for the Local/State Component and 10 Hours for the Individual Component.

The largest bucket is the National Component. This comprises 50% of the hours you’ll need to complete your recertification. 7 of those 20 hours (for the EMT level) can be something known as Distributive Learning, or as CAPCE refers to them F3 hours. This is a specific type of CE. When you visit the Course Library at EMT-CE.com you are looking at every Distributive Learning or F3 course we currently offer. So you could select 7 hours from our course library to apply towards the National Component of your recertification. The other 13 hours must come from courses that are VILT, or Virtual Instructor Led Training, otherwise known as F5 hours in CAPCE.

Shown below is the NREMT’s breakdown of the types of required courses and the number of hours you must complete to meet the requirements of the National Component of the NCCP. We have this in a chart for all EMS Provider Levels at the bottom of this video, so please feel free to download that.

Next is the Local or State Component of the NCCP. For the EMT level, you’ll need 10 total hours, and 7 of them can be F3 distributive learning hours. The other 3 will have to be VILT F5 hours. We should note, that you can’t get double credit for watching one course. For example, you couldn’t watch one hour on Endocrine Emergencies and get credit for it in more than one area of the NCCP. The good news is your EMT-CE login will help you keep track of the courses you’ve finished and the ones you’re in the progress of completing.

Finally, is the Individual Component of the NCCP. For the EMT level, you’ll need 10 total hours, and all 10 of those can be distributive learning F3 hours. The NREMT did it this way to allow for personal taste in an EMS professionals recertification cycle. A lot of times, we have favorite topics we like to explore and the Individual Component allows the NREMT to accommodate for that.

In closing, there’s a lot of information out there and we hope that this article and the video above have helped clarify some things for you. Recertifying is 100% your responsibility. We at EMT-CE.com want to do everything we can to make it easier to understand each step of the process. In the chart below you can see the breakdown we showed you earlier of each buckets requirements, but we also added the number of F3 Distributive Learning hours and the F5 Virtual Instructor Led Training hours you can use to fill up each bucket.

*Information obtained from the NREMT.org website, January of 2019.

NREMT NCCP Recert Chart Handout.pdf