To maintain your NREMT recertification, the requirements are outlined on the NREMT website, here: There are two options: recertification by continuing education and recertification by examination. 

If you chose to recertify your NREMT certification by examination, you will have one attempt to pass the NREMT up to 1 year prior to expiration. You will have to fill out an application to retest, receive a new ATT letter, and pay any exam fees associated with testing. 

If you chose to recertify your NREMT certification by continuing education, you will have to follow the NREMT NCCP model. has designed their products around these models to ensure recertification is cost efficient, educational, and relevant. The NCCP model is broken down into three separate components, totaling 40 hours. The National Component, includes 20 hours, the State/Local Component includes 10 hours, and the Individual Component includes 10 hours. For more information on the NCCP model, see our video and article here: The recertification bundle will include all the hours you need to recertify your NREMT license 100% online. When working for an agency, sometimes you are involved with training and continuing education courses and you are not in need of all 40 hours. If that is the case, and you are looking for less to supplement what you already have to get to the required 40, you can check out our pay-per-course F3 or F5 hours.