There are several ways EMT’s can get CE hours. The NREMT accepts any hours that are CAPCE accredited or state accredited. Does your EMS agency provide your with annual CPR training? This counts as continuing education hours! You can get hours with Live In-Person, Online Distributive (self-paced), or with Virtual Instructor-Led Training. As an online continuing education provider, we do not provide live in-person continuing education through, however we do offer F3 Online distributive (self-paced), and F5 Virtual Instructor-led training (VILT).

Online Distributive Continuing Education, also known as ‘self-paced’ or F3 courses. Are the most common type of CE you’ll find on the web. On EMT-CE these courses are video format, and after the course has been watched entirely, you must successfully pass a post-quiz. Our F3 course library can be found here: We are constantly adding new courses to our site, and encourage feedback of future courses you would like to see.

When you sign up for an unlimited F3 bundle on our site, you will have access to our entire course library. Per CAPCE guidelines, you are not allowed to complete more than 12 courses in a day. Therefore, with unlimited packages, once your 12 courses have been activated for the day, you will not have the ability to complete 12 more courses until the next day.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training courses, also known as “VILT” or F5, are considered live because you are signed up to take a course at a specific day and time that an instructor will be present. These courses are set up in a webinar style online environment. You are an attendee in a class with other students. The instructor will go through the entire course presentation, we will have videos, scenarios, and encourage stories in the chat room. To receive credit you must be in attendance for the entire course and have answered the poll questions that the instructor posts throughout the class.

Tracking these hours are easy, when you sign up for your EMT-CE account, select ‘My Account’ on the left-hand side of your dashboard and fill out your student profile. When you fill out this section with your NREMT information, your EMT-CE account will be automatically synced to your NREMT account. Once you start completing your F3 courses or F5 bundles, we automatically send over your records to CAPCE. To easily import your courses to your NREMT account, sign in and select the yellow ‘Import CAPCE courses’ button on your account. All of your completed courses can be imported and used towards your recertification.