Yes, when you receive your NREMT certification, it will expire every 2 years on March 31st. The expiration date will be displayed on your NREMT certification card. Depending on your state requirements your EMT license will also have an expiration date. Keep in mind, the expiration of your NREMT certification and your state license could be different.

We recommend that you are aware of when these will expire and create a plan to finish all of your CE requirements at least 3 months prior to your expiration date. This will ensure you have everything you need and if any other courses/materials are required from you you have time to get it complete. The important thing to remember is to never allow your license to expire, you are not allowed to practice as an EMT without a valid license. Also, you will have to pay additional late fees on top of the fee to renew your license. It's much easier to maintain your certification then it is to get it back once it has lapsed.

If you have an EMT-CE account, make sure your student profile is complete. Once you have completed your CE on EMT-CE, go to your NREMT profile and select the yellow ‘import CAPCE courses’ button. All of your courses will be available to sync to your NREMT profile, making recertification that simple!

Remember, your EMT-CE account will have all of your certificates of completion and records available if you need them, but we also recommend saving/printing your certificates and keeping them on file. If you are audited, the NREMT will require you to provide these documents as proof of your recertification efforts and having them on hand will be helpful as they confirm the courses you completed.

If you have any questions, we recommend reaching out to the NREMT regarding expired certifications. If you have an expired certification and would like to renew, we recommend our recertification bundle which included the National Component of the NCCP model in F5 format, as well as, unlimited access to our F3 courses.