Have questions? Check out the list below for answers to some frequently asked questions.


Am I allowed to watch a course again after I have completed it?
Yes, after you have completed a course, press “Rewatch” in the course controls. This will allow you to watch the course, should you want to access the information again.
I've failed the NREMT exam 3 times, and I need a refresher course, but I don't have an NREMT number?
Most people don't know when they are issued their NREMT number or where to find it. When you take the practical and pass, you are issued an NREMT number. Use that number and input it into your student records profile on EMT-CE and we will share your records with CAPCE. Login at NREMT.org to retrieve your number.
Will your CE courses be accepted in my state?
EMT-CE is certified by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) which serves as the recognized leader for continuing education in EMS. Currently, CAPCE accredited courses are accepted in all states, however, Virginia has an approved CAPCE provider list we're applying for. At this time, our courses are not on the approved provider list in Virginia.
Can I use my tablet and/or phone to watch your courses?
Yes, our site is optimized to automatically adjust to any sized smartphone or tablet!
How many hours does my state require me to have to recertify?
The number of hours required for a recertification varies by state. See our CE State Requirements page for more details.
Do you provide refresher courses?
Yes, we offer several different types of F5 refresher course packages to meet your needs.


How do I recertify if I am moving out of state?
This is a great question, and first, check your new states reciprocity requirements. Most states require an application, background check, and current National Registry certification. Our recommendation would be purchasing the EMT-CE recertification bundle and make sure your NREMT is valid.
I am done with my continuing education requirements and I still have time left on my membership, can you reopen my courses so I can take them again?
Our membership allows you to pass a course once, send those results to CAPCE/NREMT, and generate a single certificate of completion within each membership. If you would like to reopen a course to receive credit again you will have to extend your membership to archive your completed courses and reopen them so you can take them again for credit.
Can I take the same course more than once with my membership?
Within your recertification cycle, you will not receive credit for taking the same course multiple times. When you sign up for EMT-CE you will have 1 year of access to the course package you select. You are able to take the same course once within your membership's 1 year of access. If you purchase another membership after your year of access is complete, your old courses will be archived and reopened for you to take again.
I scheduled an F5 VILT course, but something has come up, can I reschedule it?
Yes! Log in to your account and to the right of the course name, select ‘Reschedule.’
Will this work on my phone and tablet, or just my computer?
Our F5 VILT courses are 100% browser-based. They will work on any device with an internet connection. We require each user to do a system check before they try to enter the virtual classroom to ensure it meets the minimum performance requirements. We suggest doing this before signing up for our F5 course packages.
If I get half way through the class and need to leave, can I take another one or am I locked out?
If at any point you must leave the course, you will not receive credit for any of it. However, you will be allowed to reschedule the course and complete it at a time that is better for you.
Is there a test at the end of a F5 VILT course?
There is not a test at the end. However, the Instructor’s interactive questions must be answered. During each 2-hour course, there is roughly 1:50 of content.
How do you take attendance for the F5 VILT courses?
We will ask questions throughout the class at random intervals. You must answer each question within a reasonable time frame to receive credit for attending the course.
How many courses can I complete in one day?
Per the guidelines of the CAPCE, you're only able to complete 12 hours of CE each day.
What basic and/or advanced level courses do you offer?
We offer a variety of course topics in both basic and advanced levels. Our Course Library lists all of our available courses.
What is the difference between an F3 course and an F5 course?
An F3 course is what’s called “distributive education.” An instructor does not have to present during the course. An F5 course is called “instructor-led,” which means that an instructor must be available at all times for a student to contact, whether that be by phone or by email.


Are you certified by the NREMT to provide continuing education?
The NREMT doesn't certify any providers, but rather partners with the CAPCE to give accreditation to providers. Good news is that we're certified by CAPCE, which makes our courses NREMT approved.

Account Management

I am unable to login, how can I reset my password?
At the login page, select “Forgot Your Password?” This will prompt you to enter your email address, where you can have a password reset email sent to you.


What is real-time reporting?
Real-time reporting is a business intelligence practice that consists of gathering up-to-the-minute data and relaying information as it happens. We use this technology to report your courses to CAPCE for credit.
How long does it take for your system to report my hours to the NREMT?
We do not report hours directly to the NREMT. Per the NREMT recertification guidelines, you'll enter all of the education you receive throughout the recertification cycle. With every course, we provide a completion certificate that makes it easy to report your hours.