Kinematics of Trauma

  1. Kinematics of trauma
    1. Definition
      1. Looking a trauma scene and attempting to determine what injuries might have resulted
      2. Kinetic energy – function of weight of an item and its speed.
      3. Blunt trauma
        1. Objects collide during crashes
          1. car with object
          2. victim with part of car
          3. organs collide inside body
        2. Unbelted drivers and front seat passengers suffer multi-system trauma due to multiple collisions of the body and organs
        3. Direction of the force has impact on type of injury
          1. frontal impacts
          2. rear impacts
          3. side impacts
          4. rotational impacts
          5. roll-overs
      4. Deceleration Injuries
      5. Penetrating Trauma
        1. Types of bullets have affect
          1. distance from shooter
          2. size of bullet
          3. fragmentation
          4. cavitation
        2. Energy levels have effect
          1. low energy -- stabbings
          2. medium energy -- handguns and some rifles
          3. high energy -- military weapons
        3. Organs stuck have effect
          1. head
          2. chest
          3. abdomen
          4. extremities

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