Sex Trafficking Awareness with Guardian Group

Key Points:

  • Indicators that EMT/Fire can be looking for
  • Best Practices
  • What to do if you see potential trafficking at work and what to do if you aren't at work
  • GG - who we are, what we do

Common Questions:

  • Why don't victims run?
  • Why isn't this being taught in the school system?
  • How do I know it is trafficking and not someone choosing sex work?
  • What do I do if I'm working with a patient and I know she is in trouble but she doesn't want to get out?
  • How do I protect my kid online?

Industry Information:

  • Less than 20% of LE has had human trafficking training - 2015
  • This is hiding in plain sight not in the shadows
  • Grooming can take 2 days to 4 months
  • Victims don’t run because they’re in survival mode
  • Stockholm syndrome
  • Trauma bonding
  • Frontal cortex – not fully developed, decision making is fueled by the emotional brain
  • What tools do you recommend for monitoring?
    • Bark app – monitors their access
    • Life 360 – puts a geo bubble around them

Things to Look for:

  • Not in control of their personal items
  • Multiple phones, toys, sex items
  • Their story sounds very inconsistent or repetitive
  • Hostile and not wanting medical attention
  • Mattresses on the floor, lack of furniture, more people living in a space
  • A lot of security that feels really unusual
  • Substance abuse…..or not
  • Tattoos are used as brands – crown, $, name of pimp
  • Injuries in various stages of healing
  • Big avoidance of eye contact
  • Hanging with someone who is really controlling
  • Bottom 'Bitch' – recruits, controls the other girls

Content Creator: Steve Williams
CAPCE Course Number: 21-EMTP-F3-4321
Total CE Hours: 1
Level: Basic Operations
EMT-CE uses the NEMSES guidelines as the foundation for every course outline.