Disaster Medicine


Steve, Dan, and Holly are back in the studio after a 6-month hiatus. The team reviews disaster medicine, how to get in the door, and what to expect on deployments. Dan Livengood is interviewed and discusses his multiple deployments that started in 2001 in El Salvador up to his most recent deployment to Ukraine. The team will delve more deeply into Dan's experiences when involved in disaster relief efforts and what he felt went well, and what he thinks he could do differently in the future. Dan and Steve also provide a range of resources for any provider who wants to be involved in disaster medicine, regardless of training or resources. 

Learning Points: 

  • What to expect on a typical disaster relief project
  • Dos and don'ts of disaster medicine
  • How to make the most of your disaster medicine project
  • Being the most effective team member when participating in a disaster relief effort
  • Basics of disaster medicine stress management


Helpful Links:

  • https://smereka.org
  • https://ignisinvictus.org

Content Creator: Steve Williams
CAPCE Course Number: 22-EMTP-F3-4322
Total CE Hours: 1
Level: Advanced
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