PTSI - Dr. Tillman and Ben's Story Pt. 2


Steve, Holly and Dan are back with Dr. Brenda Tillman and Ben Wescott in part two of their PTSI series. Dr. Tillman emphasizes how important it is for senior providers to encourage open discussions on mental health. Ben shares his insight on how providers can challenge the stigma of discussing mental health. Ben shares his story and highlights his path to healing. Dr. Tillman and Ben discuss peer support groups and educating departments on PTSI and PTSD symptoms and prevention. Steve, Holly and Dan field questions to Dr. Tillman and Ben. Dr. Tillman outlines ways departments can implement peer support groups. 

Learning Points

  • Don’t be afraid to start the conversation 
  • The five senses play an important role in processing trauma 
  • When discussing a difficult call, its important to focus on sensory/tactile memories (smell, sight, etc)
  • Educating departments on effective mental health training is important in preventing manifestation of PTSI
  • Finding a counselor that is supportive and trained appropriately is key in establishing an environment for healing
  • A counselor is not always needed for processing information, having a designated coworker to talk with can be incredibly effective 

Content Creator: Steve Williams
CAPCE Course Number: 20-EMTP-F3-9703
NJ Course Number: 141147
Total CE Hours: 1
Level: Basic