Operating in the Gray Zone


In this episode, Steve, Dan, and Holly discuss calls that are not “black and white,” and have forced them to think outside the box. Steve provides Dan and Holly with a case he encountered and has them walk through their decision-making. He then reflects on how he and his crew responded to the scenario. Holly reviews a call she had that presented a variety of challenges and forced her to work in the “gray zone” and defend the clinical decisions she made to her agency and receiving hospital. The team closes by reviewing the importance of critical thinking and its application in the world of emergency medicine.

Learning Points:

  • Situations in which EMS providers may be forced to both think and operate outside specifc protocols
  • How critical thinking is utilized and relyed upon in all of EMS, and specifically when the call may fall outside a specific protocol
  • Foundations of critical thinking
  • Opportunities to exercise critical thinking with real world case studies
  • Guidelines to follow when one is operating outside the "standard" operating procedures

​​​​​​​Content Creator: Steve Williams
CAPCE Course Number: 22-EMTP-F3-1210
Total CE Hours: 1
Level: Advanced
​​​​​​​EMT-CE uses the NEMSES guidelines as the foundation for every course outline.