COVID 19 and Case Review


In their second podcast, Dan and Steve discuss what their individual departments have done in response to COVID-19. Current statistics regarding the novel coronavirus are reviewed. Dan walks through what a call at his agency looks like in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Steve touches on how COVID-19 has changed how departments respond to calls, as well as the mindset of medical providers on scene, exposure protocols, and PPE requirements.

Steve discusses a call where proper PPE prevented him from having a life-threatening exposure. Dan outlines a breathing problem call at a care facility and the process of intubating a patient in respiratory failure. Dan details his decision to withhold intubation on a rapidly declining patient, and what backup airway he prefers to use in lieu of an ET tube. Steve and Dan talk about quarantine procedures for their agencies following exposure to COVID-19.

Learning Points:

  • 865,000 total cases of COVID-19 in the United States
  • 48,000 total deaths from COVID-19 in the United States
  • Pay attention to PPE requirements and look for changes to protocol at a national level
  • Situational awareness is paramount when responding to calls during a pandemic
  • Failure to oxygenate and/or failure to ventilate indicates the need for aggressive airway management
  • Always have a plan when placing an advanced airway, as well as a backup airway if ET tube placement fails
  • The iGel adheres to the glottic opening and creates a seal
  • Two person BVM ventilation creates the best mask seal
  • Limit aerosolizing procedures if at all possible

Content Creator: Steve Williams
CAPCE Course Number: 20-EMTP-F3-1801
Total CE Hours: 1
Level: Advanced