Basic Anatomy & Physiology

Information Covered:

  1. Anatomy and Body Functions
    1. Anatomical Planes
    2. Standard Anatomic Terms
    3. Body Systems
    4. Circulatory system
      1. Structures
      2. Blood components
      3. Function
    5. Nervous system
    6. Integumentary (skin)
    7. Digestive system
  2. Issues Impacting Fundamental Elements
    1. Composition of ambient air
    2. Patency of the airway
    3. Mechanics of ventilation
    4. Regulation of respiration
    5. Ventilation/perfusion ratio
    6. Transport of gases
    7. Blood volume
    8. Effectiveness of the heart as a pump
    9. Vessel size and resistance (systemic vascular resistance)
    10. Effects of acid on cells and organs

Content Creator: Carli Wymore
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Total CE Hours: 1
Level: Basic
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