Basic Airway Management

Basic Airway Management

Information Covered:

I. Airway Anatomy

     A. Upper Airway Tract

     B. Lower Airway Tract

II. Airway Assessment

     A. Signs of Adequate Airway

     B. Signs of Inadequate Airway

     C. Swelling Due to Trauma or Infection

III. Techniques of Assuring a Patent Airway

     A. Manual Airway Maneuvers

     B. Mechanical Airway Devices

          1. Review and elaborate on mechanical airway maneuvers

          2. Nasopharyngeal

     C. Relief of Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (refer to current American Heart Association guidelines)

     D. Upper Airway Suctioning -- review and elaborate on all material from the EMR Level

IV. Consider Age-Related Variations in Pediatric and Geriatric Patients


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Level: Basic

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